Company Values

Not only does Valley Fire Sprinkler provide our customers with sound fire protection solutions. We always strive to uphold and maintain our company values.

  • Quality – state of the art design, the highest quality material and quality employees all equate to our quality jobs.
  • Commitment – always being fully committed to every project we start and never letting down until the job is done and our customers are satisfied. We have self pride in excellence.
  • Safety – it is of utmost importance that our employees are drug-free and are given the opportunity to work in a safe, risk-free environment. We’re always ready to work, bright eyed and bushy tailed!
  • Professionalism – is portrayed by the way we treat our customers, peers and ultimately the way we conduct business.
  • Integrity – always doing the next right thing. No matter what!


Dow Jones via CNN Money
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